Can you refill pax era pods?

Can You Refill Pax Era Pods

Era pods cannot be manually filled, once you’ve chosen the era pod of your preference simply pop it into the top portion of the device it will snap into place and white led lights will sweep downwards to indicate it is secure pod removal is indicated with blue led lights sweeping upwards now that era is charged you’re ready to get started. It’s pretty simple bring era upwards to your lips and pull gently the led petals will glow white and get brighter temporarily at the end of your draw. Pax era is the consistent and complete concentrate experience. Learn how to use the device in the pax error box are the pax era device and the USB cord that plugs into your computer. Keep in mind pax era simple click pods are sold separately at our online store. Before using era you’ll need to make sure it’s charged. Connect the micro USB charging cord into the bottom of the device and plug the cable into a USB port on your computer . Glowing white pedals indicate your device is charging. Pax era is fully charged after about 45 minutes or when all four pedals stop pulsing and turn solid . Full battery life should be about 200 puffs . You can check your battery life by giving era a gentle shake. White led pedals to light up to indicate the battery level, each pedal represents a 25% charge. When Era needs to be charged all LEDs blink red three times and the device will power down. Era works only with pre-filled air a simple click pods. Pax era pods can be bought online through our online store.


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