Are pax era pods compatible with juul ?

Are Pax Era Pods Compatible with Juul?

Era does not need to be turned on and off manually as long as it’s charged it will wake up the moment you pick it up and bring it to a pull. Temperature settings are a great way to experiment with the flavor profiles of your material. Higher settings typically mean you get more robust vapor production, lower settings likely mean richer flavor from your material. Era includes four preset temperatures through the interface plus even more options in the pax vapor app. To change the temperature you must be in temperature set mode first. Shake the device and remove the pod. Once you’ve entered temperature set mode the glowing led petals will begin to cycle through the various heat settings. Green for low yellow for medium orange for medium high and red for high. Each led light will glow for about two seconds, once the cycle stops on your preferred temperature setting click the pod back into place. On the device your choice will blink once and your temperature will remain until you decide to change it again. Pax era is smart and can help you remember how many puffs you’ve taken during each session. Each session is measured through a series of consecutive petal indications.



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